There was this woman.
He knew when he first laid eyes on her-
She was the answer to some persistent, wordless need.
Before their first meeting, he was indescribably nervous; then the door opened to a warm smile and welcoming embrace that left no room for anxiety...

BIO: Late 20's. Young, fit, curious, playful, hedonistic, self-aware. International travel escort & party companion. Bachelor's degree. Lived abroad and traveled to over 15 countries in Europe, North Africa and Latin America. Painter, jewelry design hobbyist, art model with entrepreneurial spirit.
Languages: English, Spanish
Interests: reading about spirituality/consciousness (Tolle, Ruiz, currently Deida), JRE podcast, yoga, weight training, hiking, eating well, wine
Style of companionship: organic, holistic, energetic, non-judgemental
Favorite Quote: To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself and so to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving, to the breaking of bread. -James Baldwin

When you meet "Layla", you meet me.
I been described as having an effervescent personality, a school girl's playfulness and an irresistibly contagious smile. Don't let my youth fool you, I am an excellent conversationalist, am well educated and have an insatiable desire to connect with people on an intimate human level and learn from their life experiences and our interaction. Balancing my social calendar and persistent wanderlust I prefer to spend my precious free time with a limited number of gentlemen who are as generous as they are accomplished. My intent is to create and nurture mutually beneficial and long-term friendships. Allow me to enter your heart and mind and I promise to remain there long after you leave, continuing to tempt, tease, satisfy and delight your spirit.
In Anticipation...