People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

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"The most amazing lady I've ever been with. I wouldn't usually recommend an overnight with someone you've never seen but with her I'd make an exception. She oozes sexuality and I can only imagine what a whole night with her would be like.” -Homer13

"THE PERFECT body...sensitive nipples, not an ounce of fat anywhere, totally flexible, perfect butt. Mesmerising eyes, seductive smile, kissable lips, highly sensuous." -Excalibur69

"The intensity she brings is unmatched... addicting without a doubt...She's an incredible overnight good as it gets for me." -Ammonite

"What a find! She is extraordinary, truly beautiful and a worldly and educated traveler and conversationalist...Don't miss her, she loves what she does." -N2SEX46

"In one word (well, six)... The Most Perfect Body I've Seen...Do yourself a favor...Spend the night with her. I've done it twice. Both are lifetime memories...I've never met a more attractive, compassionate, erotic lover in my career... I've seen two different #1 rated TER Providers....and they can't compare to Layla. -BlackKnight

"If anyone dares an overnight with her I would double down on my life insurance policy first! Even if it doesn't kill you, you'll definitely be in Heaven for 12 hours. I guarantee you will walk away a changed man. She holds the trophy in my sexperience for BEST of the best to date." -GentlemanCaller007

"She just can't get enough sex." -CentTex77

"No reason to see anyone else but her." -Snakeeyes23

"She makes you truly feel like she can't wait to see you." -Jokerman

"Bacchanalian debauchery." -Irish Cream

“She could be a model." -Boujangles

"The best experience I ever had with a of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet." -Mr. Whipple2009

"Silky smooth bite of dark chocolate" -Sabor

"The numbers say 5'4, 115lbs, 34B-24-34- my eyes say damn she's hot." -BigManOffCampus

"Smart girl...An ATF for me...the TOTAL package." -Readysetgo12

"A special lady that delivers a bucket list new ATF. Sweet as can be with a devil inside.” -Tsquared1955

"An Orgasmic Odyssey...One of the best bodies encountered in the industry." -Me Chupo Bien

"No one I'd rate above her for [edit] non-stop naughtiness!" -climbon2

"Makes you feel like you are the most important person in her life...If you are going to break the piggy bank...she is the one." -Sparta69

"Trust me the pics are definitely her and they don't accurately show how damn hot she really is in person." -Soonerrrob

"She is creme de la creme." -bboistance

Pics don't do her justice...Very interesting energetic girl who appears to love what she does...In my top two hobby experiences...A body built for sin and a smile that melts hearts!! -Hyyperion

"I doubt I could have had a better newbie experience...Her natural charm is disarming...intelligent, educated and going places. If you haven’t booked her yet – you really should." -WizardOfOz

"The best value for your hobbying dollar you'll ever get...a body built perfectly for of my top two experiences ever.” -Merz5

"Quality plus, and I don't just mean BCD. If I was wealthy, well, none of you would ever get the chance to meet her." -Barneyrubble

"A true gem, for me (and others) who love the emotional connection...A total VIP courtesan. No rush, pleasant conversation, immaculate incall and great BCD skills... nothing scripted, impersonal or disingenuous about our time amazing lover. She makes a point of trying to connect with you. Treat her with respect, be a gentleman, and she will show you the world...Allow her in during your time together and she will reward you.” -Just2B

“I still can't get over my time with, skills, and intensity are unmatched, not to mention beautiful and outrageous body...She brings so much energy to the session. You just can't go wrong here. All of her reviews are terrific and she lives up to them. I'm pretty sure she enjoys it as much as we do...actually more... a virtual "O" one has even approached the enthusiasm Layla brought to our encounter.” -Mr. Green Jeans

"Carnal...lewd, louche, limber, lustful, lithe, lissome, lovely... an extraordinary woman...bright and sassy and piquant...great PSE-FBE with soul, involvement, and emotional timbre...the sexual confidence of a woman in her thirties and the sexual curiosity of a high school girl...Hotter than the hinges of hell, hotter than a preacher on revival night, hotter than a tuna fish can full of bumblebees." -Monk Rasputin

“A remarkably beautiful woman and even more interesting once I got to know her.” -Marathon Man 258

“A total sexual dynamo who is fun to hang with and spends the entire time catering to your every needs.” -SOCALG8

“A once in a lifetime session...A goddess, nothing less.” -OMB1972

“She just loves sex and wants to please you 100% of the time she is with you.” -Backstreets

“I couldn't take off my eyes from her...If u haven't been with Layla then you have never had the best.” -Mmoore0404

“A bubbly personality that makes you smile & laugh. She puts you at ease & genuinely seems to enjoy herself. No rush, sexy, very pleasing, attentive to your needs, easy to be around.” -Runamucker41

“A unique person, sexually insatiable, curious about all things sexual and interested in most any topic that comes up in conversation. For me, Layla delivered the perfect balance of satisfying my needs and using me to satisfy her needs...a beautiful, intelligent, insatiable woman. She completely convinced me that she enjoyed the evening as much as I did.” -Herrzunge

“There is a lot of grey area and interpretation between PSE and GFE, but Layla seems to have found the sweetspot between the two, bringing just the right combination of affectionate play and unbridled lust to the bedroom. I find it difficult to describe, other than to say that Layla is an honestly unique experience, and every time I thought I knew where the session was heading, she'd bring something different to crank the voltage up a few more notches. From start to end, her attention was entirely on me, and she definitely has a rare talent for pleasing...or maybe pleasuring is a better choice here...and is not in the least bit shy about showing it.” -PCVA